About Us


CBJ Reptiles is Christina and Reverend B. Johnson. We founded our business in 2013 in Fort Worth, Texas.

We met in Tulsa, Ok on Halloween in 2009 while Reverend's band WHISKEYDICK was on a U.S. tour. A random acquaintance became a solid friendship. The friendship turned romantic, then Reverend proposed and we married in March 2013.

Reverend has a life long love for snakes and music. While on tour, Reverend chases local snakes, visits reptile stores, and networks with breeders and fellow enthusiats every chance he gets. In 2006 he purchased his first Ball Python, a normal, and named her Alice

Christina has been a nurse for over 20 years. She grew up in the country playing with lizards and turtles. She moved in with Reverend and Alice in 2011 and began a fascination with reptiles. She has rescued several reptiles and nurtured them back to health.

CBJ produced our first clutch in 2013. Alice gave us nine eggs yielding eight healthy snakes. We are slowly growing our collection and making plans for 2014 clutches now. Our dream is to have our own store front by 2016


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