We are currently are sold out of our Ball Pythons. We hope to be back in stock May or June 2014.

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    Ball Pythons For Sale Out of Stock. 1/01/2014

    Had our 1st lock up of the year 1/12/2014! We want to thank all our customers for supporting CBJ Reptiles.

    Python regius is a nonvenomous python species found in Africa. This is the smallest of the African pythons and is popular in the pet trade, largely due to its typically docile temperament. No subspecies are currently recognized. It is also known as royal python or ball python. The name "ball python" refers to the animal's tendency to curl into a ball when stressed or frightened. The name "royal python" (from the Latin regius) is based in part on the story that Cleopatra supposedly wore the snake around her wrist.


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