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Date: Oct 16th 2013 Posted by: Reverend Johnson

Thank you for visting our site. There are many great reptile breeders out there that love and care for their reptiles and don't do this just to make a buck. Make an informed decision regarding what type of reptile to buy; i.e. don't buy a reptile that is worth $500.00 because you found a seller asking $100.00. Cheaper is not always better. Be a responsible pet owner; the reptile industry is fighting to keep it legal to own our pets. Irresponsible reptile owners hurt our community. Know what your reptile's housing needs are and have the proper escape proof enclosure ready. All reptiles are escape artist.

We are a small company and breed high quality healthy affordable ball pythons. We prefer ball pythons as starter snakes because they are medium sized and move at a slower pace than some of the other, smaller snakes. We love normals as every one of them are different from each other. We produce normals, pastels, spiders, pinstripes and yellow belly Ball pythons. Yes we do have multible gene morphs but that's more for us.

We try to get our snakes to eat frozen/thawed (F/T) rodents so there is no chance for them to get injured by the rodents. We buy in bulk from a breeder and save considerable money. There are some reptiles that will not accept F/T and we have no choice but to feed them live rodents. We continually work with these animals until we get them switched over to F/T. In our opinion, it is more exciting feeding a snake F/T from a pair of tongs. Also, this type of feeding will help you understand your pet's behavior.

Thanks Reverend and Christina Johnson