CBJ takes great pride in our reptiles and products. We are active members of the herping community and support all who share our common passion. Below is a list of our favorite people and websites that we support 100%. We know there are many more reptile lovers out there and we can't wait to meet as many of you as possible!

Thank you all Christina & Reverend B. Johnson

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    The United States Association of Reptile Keepers

    USARK was founded in 2008 to defend the rights of everyone to enjoy his/her passion. USARK is committed to protect the rights of every corner of the hobby from the largest breeder to the owner of a single pet herp. This includes the keepers of the largest constrictors, crocodilians, venomous reptiles, corn snakes, tarantulas, box turtles, leopard geckos, tree frogs and everything in between.

  • The Reptile Report

    Bringing you the most interesting news and discussions in the reptile world.

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    The Friendliest online community for all your herping needs!

  • North America Reptile Breeders Conference

    NARBC is organized by Bob Ashley of ECO Publishing and Brian Potter of Chicago Reptile House. This show takes place one time per year in three cities across the country: Anaheim, California; Tinley Park, Illinois; and Arlington, Texas.

  • Snakebytes.TV

    A weekly original web show from BHB Reptiles, one of the worlds largest snake breeding facilities, hatching over 30,000 baby snakes a year! We are not just a show about snakes.... There's plenty of fun to be had!

  • Chicago Reptile House

    When I can, I go to reptile shops while I am out on tour. In 2013 I finally made it to CRH. As I was checking out the reptiles I was telling my band mate that this is excacly how I wish every reptile store was. This place has clean enclosures and healthy reptiles. I knew right then that CRH had a huge love for all their animals. Then Brian asked me if I need any help, not knowing who I was talking to, I told him that I was on tour and checking out the local herping scene. Then the coolest thing happened: he took me on a grand tour of CRH and I was like a little kid in a candy store. As I was leaving I told him where we were playing, he said he'd come out, and, true to his word, he did! As the night was ending he told me he and Bob Ashley put on the NARBC. I've always wanted to go to an NARBC show, but because we tour so much, I've never made it to one. We exchanged numbers and WhiskeyDick continued home through 41 states. After we got back home we ran into some bad luck with vehicle problems and a cancelled tour, but the silver lining was I was finally gonna be able to go to the NARBC show in Arlington, TX. Then out of nowhere, I get a text from Brian Potter. He wanted to see me and meet my wife at the show. It was an amazing experience for both of us. He introduced us to everybody that walked by and they all made us feel welcome to the reptile community. Big thanks to Brian Potter, we've learned alot from him, and he does amazing things for the reptile community!